Top Stocks to Invest in Now

Best Growth Stocks

Other than the stock forecasts (i.e. the Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations), the single most important forecast an investor can make is each firm’s earnings growth forecast. These growth forecasts usually drive (and are the starting point for) all other forecasts made for the company. Forecasting this growth rate is incredibly useful and important.

Armed with an accurate forecast for earnings growth and a reasonable estimate of value, an investor can identify the best stocks to buy now in a simple, logical and straightforward way. Below, we list all the stocks we currently cover sorted on our firm’s forecasts for each company’s earnings growth over the next decade. Among these fast growing companies, you will find the best growth stocks.

Best Value Stocks

Growth forecasts are not the only tool in an investor’s toolkit. A smart investor also considers a stock’s price, its quality of earnings, and its quality of assets. Below, you will find our research sorted on these relevant and enlightening statistics.

Best Stocks

There are many other very illuminating statistics to consider when determining a firm’s fundamentals. Actively, diligently, and closely study all this information and you will find stocks with the strongest fundamentals. Buy stocks with the strongest fundamentals, and you will beat the market in terms of return and in terms of risk.

This is the approach that we follow, and our record for identifying the best stocks to invest in now is outstanding. Since inception, our highest-rated stocks have beaten our lowest rated stocks by 80 percent. And they have done so while exhibiting about 1/3 less volatility. Our record should prove the validity of basic fundamental analysis.

If you would like to learn where we currently rate each of the 2,000 companies we follow in terms of each stock’s overall fundamental strength, login to your account and access our proprietary Stock Analyzer software. Using this software, you can search for stocks on any combination of 56 different variables, including our proprietary Overall Fundamental Rating.

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