Top Stocks to Invest in Now

Best Growth Stocks

Armed with an accurate forecast for earnings growth and a solid estimate of value, an investor can identify the best stocks to buy now in a simple, logical and straightforward way. Below, we list all the stocks we currently cover sorted on our firm’s forecasts for each company’s earnings growth over the next decade. Among these fast growing companies, you will find the best growth stocks.

Best Value Stocks

Growth forecasts are not the only tool in an investor’s toolkit. A smart investor also considers a stock’s price, its quality of earnings, and its quality of assets. Below, you will find our research sorted on these excellent barometers of value.

Best Dividend Stocks

In our research, we endeavor to uncover the absolute best stocks. But dividends our so important, that these “best stocks” tend to be the best dividend stocks. In fact, we think that uncovering companies that make cash payouts is so essential for success that we feature the best dividend stocks on our website and we have a special page for them. Turn to Best-Dividend-Stocks page to learn more.

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