Vershire Research is an independent stock market research firm that specializes in analyzing American
companies. We engage in no sell-side analysis. Our focus is pure research and it shows in our results.


We have been in existence ten years. Over that time, our highest-rated stocks trounced our lowest-rated
stocks in terms of return. And most importantly, they did it while displaying lower volatility.


We strive for reliability above all else. We honestly tell people turning in a spectacular performance is
secondary in importance to us. Turning in a dependable performance is primary in importance to us.

Real Insight

There are many stock research firms that ask for your research money and that claim they can successfully classify stocks into Buys, Sells, and Holds. The vast majority of these firms cannot really do what they claim. But they are very good at tricking investors into thinking that they can. You should know what those tricks are.

  1. One common trick is they just don’t report their performance. They tell how their propriety research was designed, but they don’t tell you how it has actually performed. They adhere to the # 1 rule of marketing. They sell the “sizzle,” not the steak. Unfortunately, this means they provide plenty of bun (image), but no beef (substance).
  2. Or they report how their research has performed, but very selectively. They tell how some of their recommendations did, but not all of them. Or they tell how all of their recommendations did, but only over a carefully selected period of time. Or they do both. They mislead with half-truths.
  3. Another popular tactic is to favor non-dividend paying stocks (which tend to have greater price appreciation, but not a greater return). Then they report their performance in terms of price appreciation instead of return, and insinuate this is their return (which it is not).

These tactics are dishonest and misleading. And most of the research firms in the market place do these things.

We do not. We are the only firm we know of that puts our complete performance in graphic form right on the home page (that performance is duplicated below).

Return = Price Appreciation + Dividend Yield

We don’t cherry-pick the recommendations. We don’t cherry-pick the time frame. We don’t exclude dividends.We provide investors with real insight. We don’t just trick them into thinking they are getting insight.

And as the graph above shows, our research is very good, and we display it as prominently as we can. Beware of research firms that make you work to learn their true performance.

Straightforward Principles

Our research is outstanding because we embrace straightforward principles. We do thorough work, and we rely on incisive and (in our opinion) foolproof, fundamental analysis.Furthermore, we have a simple but effective philosophy: buy quality companies.

It is much better to buy a very good company at a little bit of a discount than to buy a lousy company at what seems like a huge discount.

This no-nonsense approach means we will have few fantastically good years. But it also ensures that we will turn a profit more consistently than most other firms. Slow but steady wins the race.

And the implication of turning in even a small but steady out performance is astounding. To learn the incredible power of compound return, click the link below.

A Tale of Twin Brothers: The Power of Compound Return

We pride ourselves on being of one the few authentically good research firms available. We are so confident that you will feel the same that we have an unheard of one-year, full money-back guarantee.

Compare our research to the research you have now. If our research is not significantly better, more useful, and more valuable, then request a full refund.

Join Us

If you like to invest utilizing straightforward principles, understand the power of fundamental analysis, agree with our quality-centric approach to investing, enjoy achieving a steady return as well as a high return, and want to learn the steps to successful stock investing then our research is for you.