Best Dividend Stocks Showcased

At Vershire Research, we do well in bull markets, but do particularly well in (and even look forward to) bear markets because we emphasize high-quality, dividend-paying stocks – the kind that hold up well when the market is being battered by a storm of pessimism. We strive to make money both in good times and in bad, and we feel that dividends are the key to doing so.

Top Stocks to Buy Now Revealed

Although our approach favors dividends, its goal is to lead investors to the best stocks overall – the top stocks to buy now, not just the best dividend stocks. Since inception, our highest-rated stocks have beaten our lowest-rated stocks by 100 percent, and have done so while displaying lower volatility.

How to Invest in Stocks Explained

We explain our work and the investing process in clear and simple terms. We want our work to be powerful and enlightening enough to be thought-provoking and useful to even the most seasoned professionals, yet simple enough to be grasped by stock market beginners.

Key Features of our Research Include:

  • How to Invest in Stocks Explained – We shatter the notion that the market is unbeatable. We definitively explain how investors can beat the market with fundamental analysis and a no-nonsense, bottom-up approach to investing. Along the way, we explain the stock investment process, how the market works, why the best investors will always be able to beat it, and which techniques yield the biggest bang for the buck.
  • Powerful Analytical Software – We provide professional-grade software that generates all the complex ratios and statistics we speak of for over 2,000 publicly traded firms. Our software also allows you to sort, search, and analyze every stock we cover quickly and easily. It allows you to economize your efforts to classify accurately stocks on their investment potential. In short, we provide a tool that frees you from the mundane aspects of stock analysis so you can devote your time to the more fascinating and lucrative higher-order analysis.
  • Proprietary Stock Ratings – Using the same theories, principles, and tools that we present earlier, we perform the very analysis we advise you to perform, and we rate every one of the companies we follow as a Sell/Hold/Buy or Strong Buy. Our recommendations are a road map to guide you to the very top stocks and a solid framework on which you can start building your own recommendations. And the outstanding track record of our recommendations is powerful evidence that straightforward financial analysis truly works. Our ratings are proprietary, simple, and effective.

This is all backed up with a 12-month, full, money-back guarantee!

In short, we clearly and simply explain how to invest in stocks and then back up our words by revealing the top stocks to buy now. We have a special affinity for the top dividend stocks, and our research yields a rich source of low-risk, high-quality, dividend-paying stocks.

We beat the market in terms of return and in terms of risk.

Bottom-Up Analysis

We perform a thorough, bottom-up analysis of over 2,000 of the most popular U.S. companies and then rate every one of them on their ability to achieve not only a strong return but a steady return. This emphasis on steadiness pays off. Over our 11-year history, our highest-rated stocks made money nine years out of 11 and had a cumulative return of over 230 percent!

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